The Ultimate List: Top 7 Must-Do Shore Excursions In Skagway

Top shore excursions skagway


Skagway isn’t like other cruise ship ports of call. Of course, the typical sights are present as well, the busy harbor and the lines of souvenir shops. But a wilder throb beat beneath the surface.

This rough-and-tumble village in Alaska, formed by glaciers and nestled between snow-capped mountains, is alive with adventure and a rich history. Don’t let the pretence of tourist attractions deceive you.

Skagway is a living museum, with its towering Victorian buildings acting as silent watchtowers to a bygone past and its worn boardwalks whispering tales of glory from the gold rush.

Skagway town
Skagway Town Building

However, Skagway is not a dated relic. This town has a lively energy that hums. Want a little adventure? Envision yourself traveling through magnificent scenery on a classic narrow-gauge train as it climbs the fabled White Pass.

Imagine the excitement of momentarily living out the aspirations of the people who came to this place more than a century ago as you pan for gold flakes in a rushing torrent.

Skagway is not a one-note song. A symphony of experiences. Do you long to be in touch with nature? Stroll through verdant slopes where the sound of glacier streams only breaks the stillness.

Want a taste of the cuisine from the area? Enjoy a delicious juicy burger at a little gastropub or lose yourself in a glacier’s majestic majesty, which serves as a sobering reminder of Alaska’s raw strength due to its cold enormity.

Thus, avoid the throng, give in to your curiosity, and discover the undiscovered beauties that turn Skagway into a genuine Alaskan treasure. It’s possible that spending even a single day in this remarkable town will have a lasting impression on you.

White Pass & Yukon Route Railroad

Skagway white pass
White pass Train Tour

The Klondike Gold Rush still echoes in Skagway, Alaska. However, board the White Pass & Yukon Route Railroad, a historic marvel that travels through stunning Alaskan scenery, for a fully immersive experience.

The most well-liked Skagway excursion is the White Pass Railroad Summit Excursion! Set out on your adventure by boarding the train in Skagway and traveling 20 miles from Tidewater to the White Pass Summit, which is 2,865 feet above sea level! This fully narrated tour offers breathtaking views of the canyon to every guest.

Enjoy a leisurely ride in restored passenger cars as you follow the historic path to the peak of the White Pass on this Skagway train excursion, passing via Dead Horse Gulch, Inspiration Point, and Bridal Veil Falls.

Savor an amazing vista of the White Pass Railroad’s tunnels, trestles, glaciers, gorges, waterfalls, and historic monuments. See the original 1898 Klondike Trail carved into the rocks as a lasting memorial to the thousands of people who traveled this route in pursuit of riches.

Grizzly Falls Ziplining Expedition

Grizzly Falls Skagway
photo credit Tripadvisor/google photos

Experience the Grizzly Falls Ziplining Expedition, a combination of high-flying adventure and Alaskan coastal rainforest. Travelers say that this is one of the must-do activities they have to undertake in Skagway.

This experience is suitable for people who love nature and those who like challenging experiences. Additionally, it has been rated as one of the best ziplining tours along Alaskan cruise route because visitors can be able to view lots of surroundings such as spruces and cedars.The zipline’s position in the canopy provides aerial views of glaciated waterfalls and mountainous forests.

Go fast and go far – up to 45 miles per hour on cables up to 2 football fields long! Among other things, beautiful state-of-the-art suspension bridges traverse this rugged landscape providing perfect scenery for photographic memories!

You won’t get bored at all as soon as you embark on your trip first, however, expect a brief but informative lecture regarding history – after that, you’ll reach base camp.

But before something plummets down it should have first gone up. Whereby; you board into a customized Unimog monster vehicle which will carry you over rough terrain up towards where zip-lining starts.

Meanwhile, everyone on here will keep smiling as it slowly goes higher alongside lovely glacier-fed streams with fresh air coming from AlaskaAdrenaline begins creeping in right about now. The guides fix your gear properly before going ahead to take you through some most breathtaking scenic views from above!

Start running and letting go so that you can fly above pristine wildernesses in Alaska. Fly from one station to another and see your loved ones doing likewise.Exhilarated from the zipline course, and with pockets full of incredible photos, you pile back into the Unimog. Laughter and shouts of “That was amazing!” fill the air as you head back to the port, the thrill of the adventure lingering in the air.

Klondike Gold Rush National Historic Park Visitor Center

Gold Rush Skagway Alaska
Gold Rush

The historic buildings of Skagway may whisper its golden past but for a real thrill, you should pay a visit to the Klondike Gold Rush National Historical Park Visitor Center.

Your first stop should be at the restored 1898 White Pass & Yukon Route Depot where you can immerse yourself into this bygone era. This is where park rangers take you through permanent as well as seasonal exhibits.

As you study historical artifacts, think about their hopes and dreams. The park film, “Gold Fever: Race to the Klondike,” will take you right back to the gold rush days.

The Visitor Center in itself is more than just a museum; it is one of those places where people come at the beginning of their Skagway adventures. They get maps and brochures that are rich with information about the history of this town.

Unleash Your Inner Musher at Skagway’s Camp!

Mushar camp skagway
photo credit viator/ google photos

Craving an adventure that’s equal parts adorable and exhilarating? Nothing beats Skagway Musher’s Camp! Here, instead of a cruise ship crowd, it’s just you and an eager pack of huskies ahead.

Visualize yourself sitting in a wheeled cart and being driven by strong Alaskan huskies through the beautiful Alaska’s interior. Its own original Alaskan custom, dog mushing is a thrilling adventure that lets you feel the wind rushing through your hair.

But that’s not all there is to this adventure. Following the ride, hold tiny husky puppies in your hands and get enlightened about what being a musher means from those who have been there.

Skagway Musher’s Camp is more than just one of those tourist spots; it enables interaction with these magical creatures which leaves unforgettable experiences throughout one’s life.

Skagway Dog Sledding And Helicopter Tour

Dog Sledge Tour Alaska
Dog sledge

Combine the most popular sport in Alaska, dogsledding, with your helicopter flightseeing trip. This adventure is for you if you want to experience the excitement of operating a sled, interacting with pups, soaring over beautiful landscapes, or being a part of the biggest sub-arctic dogsled camp operation in the world!

Depending on which Skagway dock you’re coming from, you’ll need to walk for five to fifteen minutes to reach the heliport. There, you’ll see a safety film, get fitted with glacier boots that cover your shoes, and get loaded aboard the helicopter.

Take to the skies and fly over breathtaking ice fields and glaciers to arrive at the Skagway dog sledding camp on the Denver Glacier. Escape your plane and acquaint yourself with the realm of dogsledding and ‘ mushing’.

A genuinely true Alaskan experience, you may choose to either lounge on the sled and watch the amazing surroundings or stand on the sled and assist with mush.You may meet the expert mushers and their amiable sled dogs on this Skagway dog sledding excursion, which has helped to popularize the Iditarod dog race.

Skagway Wildlife Safari Tour To Haines

Haines Wildlife
Moose at Haines

A 45-minute high-speed catamaran ferry ride to the little town of Haines is the first leg of this adventure. After arriving, we’ll begin with a guided tour of the famed Fort Seward, which was Alaska’s first military installation.

As you head out of town, you’ll travel through the breathtaking Chilkoot Valley to reach the Chilkoot River corridor, which is home to the largest fjord in North America and offers stunning coastal vistas.

In Alaska, the Chilkoot River offers some of the best bear-viewing experiences. The river’s high demand for salmon draws a sizable influx of bears each year.

It’s sandwiched between rough glacier peaks that are home to bald eagles, salmon, mountain goats, brown bears, and river otters. With a plethora of both native and migratory species, this area is also a birder’s heaven.

You’ll go to the Chilkat River mouth, which is home to the world’s highest population of bald eagles, The habitat of all five species of wild Pacific salmon, which attracts all of Alaska’s predators to its coasts, is the last stop on your journey.

A word of advice: To optimize your chances of seeing bears and eagles feasting on the spawning salmon, this excursion is only offered from August through September. Try to reserve this excursion in advance. Sightings of bears and other wildlife are not assured.

Lace Up Your Boots: Exploring Skagway’s Hiking Trails

upper dewey lake skagway
Upper Dewey Lake

With its breathtaking scenery and glacier valleys, Skagway, Alaska, is a hiking haven for hikers of all skill levels. Skagway’s trails are bound to satiate the spirit of adventurers, offering everything from strolls through coastal forests to strenuous climbs with breathtaking views.

Take the short Yakutania Point Trail for a leisurely introduction to Skagway’s natural beauty. After completing this 2-mile loop, you’ll be rewarded with stunning views of Smuggler’s Cove, a quiet beach ideal for picnics, and Taiya Inlet. The loop travels through a forest of birch and pine.

For those seeking a moderate level of difficulty, the Dewey Lakes Trail System is a great option. You can walk by the tranquil Lower Dewey Lake, which is teaming with wildlife, on this interconnected network of paths.

Head up to Upper Dewey Lake for breathtaking views of the mountains, or veer off to see the Devil’s Punch Bowl, a striking glacial cirque.

Skagway mountain trail
Mountain trail

Are you itching for a thrilling adventure? The Upper Dewey Lake Trail is a demanding but worthwhile climb. Make your way through thick woodland on switchbacks and emerge into an amazing alpine meadow. You will be in awe of the snow-capped peaks and glacial lakes here.

The historical significance and wild beauty of Alaska are showcased by the Skagway’s trails. Explore some of the Chilkoot Trail, the same route taken by prospectors in the years leading up to the Klondike Gold Rush. Discover the significance of history while traveling this well-known path.

So prepare to explore the fascinating paths of Skagway by packing your hiking boots, grabbing your camera, and going. Skagway has the ideal experience waiting for you, whether you’re looking for a strenuous climb or a stroll in the wilderness.

Conclusion: An Unforgettable Alaskan Adventure in Skagway

Although Skagway has a wealth of activities to offer, the tour you choose will be the highlight. Whether you’re taking a helicopter ride over glaciers, traveling across old railroads, or going back in time in a gold mine, Skagway’s shore excursions offer a unique opportunity to see Alaska’s breathtaking scenery and fascinating gold rush past.

To ensure your seat on this Alaskan adventure, don’t forget to reserve your tour in advance, particularly during the busiest times of the year.


What type of shore excursions are available in Skagway?

Skagway has a wide variety of trips to suit various interests. Take a train or helicopter ride across Alaska’s magnificent beauty, visit old gold mines to learn about the gold rush era, or get outside and enjoy kayaking or dog sledding. Instructive walking tours and picturesque cruises are family-friendly options.

How far in advance should I book my Skagway shore excursion?

Popular trips tend to fill up quickly, especially in the May through September prime cruise season. It is advised to book at least two to three months in advance to guarantee your position and prevent disappointment.

What should I wear for my Skagway shore excursion?

The weather in Skagway can be erratic. Depending on the activity you have selected, choose comfortable shoes for walking or trekking and dress in layers. In addition to rain gear, remember to pack sunscreen and sunglasses for sunny days.

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